Stylish treatment and Skillful storytelling puts confidence in an anemic script

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At times, well mostly, 3 things take over the complete film, in a manner that it can even brighten an otherwise ordinary script.

Execution, Presentation, Treatment.

The first part is energetic, the second part is polished and the third is stylish.

But if you are a movie lover who watches film every Friday, no matter what, it is going to take just few minutes into the movie, for you to know the script.

Nevertheless, you do enjoy, may be not throughout the film, but you do!

Watch it If you like -

Overall the film is bright and energetic, Action is showy

But Beware of -

Action and stunts might not be your genre, The film falls dead in the second half

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Nirmata (Makers)

Raj & DK films are always a little hatke, they try and give us a Bond sort films with slick action and dapper feel.

This is maintained until the smart narration stays in the film, after that the script overtakes, and like mentioned before it is quite static.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

The trailer showing the case of mistaken identity, well that’s quite a curiosity when you sit down to watch the film. But a frequent movie goer will very soon catch the story.

Boy meets Girl, but here lies the best part of the film, they work in the same office and hence the story doesn’t waste time building up a connection between boy-meets-girl. The boy wants to stay risk-free and the girl is ready to take risks that are not even in her way. The sub plot is interesting but common too.

So is the rest of the script. But it’s the dashing feel of the film and engaging narration that keeps one hooked in the first half. The second half though downslide especially when the film loses its twists and story-telling technique and mainly towards the climax.

Because under sheets of showiness, the film’s base mattress is commonplace.

And it’s not just the action that smartens the film, it’s the locations, the scenes, Miami and Mumbai combo, but more than anything else, STORYTELLING just rocks!

Abhineta (Actors)

Sidharth Malhotra looks dashing as always and acts decently, again as always. He hasn’t been seen in doing anything different, except may be in Ek Villain. He fits the role in the film though but it’s time the actor does something different. So, goes for Jacqueline Fernandez as Kavya, she looks lovely as the bubbly chirpy girl but time to re-invent Jacky. Both look good together and have put in a nice act.

Darshan Kumar as Yakub in a very different role and he pulls it off nicely. Suniel Shetty as Colonel is raw rugged and dashing as ever.

Hussain Dalal as Dikshit is convincing as a good friend in the film. Two actors, Supriya Pilgaonkar and Rajit Kapur stole the spotlight from every other actor during their short role.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Music is good, Background score superb. Chandralekha is quite an unusual and addictive number. So is Bandook Meri Laila which acts as an excellent background score for action and stunt sequences. The song for sure did add a lot of fancy to the sequences.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

It is fancy to look at, fun to watch and then it ends, and that’s about it.

A bond Bollywood film was on its way but the script chewed down its glory.

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