Ashutosh Gowariker is making what he is known for best – a historical.

His next is based on the third battle of Panipat, a long-drawn battle considered one of the largest and most eventful fought in the 18th century, which ended up in victory of Durrani Empire.

And the buzz is that Arjun plays Sadashiv Rao Bhau (also known as Bhausaheb), who served as the Sardar Senapati (Commander-in-Chief) of the Maratha army at the third battle of Panipat against the Afghan army while Sanjay Dutt will play Ahmad Shah Abdali (also known as Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of the Durrani Empire and the modern state of Afghanistan) who fought against Bhausaheb.

Says a trade source, “Ashutosh has done his research already in the last one year but is keeping the project under wraps as he wants to announce it in a big way.”

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