No announcements, No hype, No airport sighting, nothing of the unnecessary sorts (of course a welcome is something we’d totally approve of) happened when the one and only Brad Pitt made his visit to India.

But, yes yes he was here, and it is such a proud moment because Pitt was in India to promote his Netflix film War Machine.

And he met Shah Rukh Khan in a closed door, well what better way to discuss film promotions than talk to the most successful actor and filmmaker in India, right!

They bro-ed out and now it seems both are set to take their bonding to the next level.

Sources very close to the development confirm that Mr Khan and Mr Pitt are planning to come together for a film project. “From what we’ve gathered so far, they are definitely looking at collaborating over a film. It would be a joint production of Shah Rukh Khan and Brad Pitt. Both Shah Rukh and Brad are keen to produce out-of-the-box films, not necessarily starring in it. And the film they will co-produce will definitely not be typical Bollywood nor mainstream Hollywood,” says the source.

Apparently Brad who is not too familiar with Indian cinema, is keen to access his intellect into the workings of mainstream Bollywood. “Brad told Shah Rukh he’s specially taken up with the singing and dancing, because he can neither sing nor dance. Shah Rukh, on the other hand, told Brad he finds song-and-dance routine to be quite a nuisance and a speed breaker in the Bollywood narrative. The idea to collaborate over a film came from this opposition of ideology regarding cinematic entertainment,” says the source.

Also, per source, “India/ Mumbai was not even on Brad’s promotional map for the promotion of his new film War Machine. He decided to come to Mumbai at the last minute and only on condition that Shah Rukh Khan play the unofficial host.”


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