We all know that this self-proclaimed film-critic, Mr. KRK is a jobless person tweeting everything mindless. It’s one thing to tweet opinions, but you can’t shed manners, and that is exactly what KRK does.

Every now and then, celebs do react back in fury or sarcasm, but it was high time somebody spoke to him in his own language.

KRK’s recent target was/is Kangana, and we all know this person has nothing to AT ALL do with her matters. Kangana Ranaut’s recent interview on Aap Ki Adalat made several headlines. And KRK tried to defame the actress on twitter.

He posted a series of unpleasant comments on Twitter. And taking the gear in her hands, Kangana’s sister Rangoli responded to his tweets. She slammed him hard and get this in his own language. Her tweets were so hilarious and well pointed that you’d want to clap.

KRK’s first tweet and Rangoli’s reply:

And then Rangoli was unstoppable and that’s what we were looking for, for someone who would come and put this mindless person to rest:

And when media praised Rangoli, like we are doing, KRK had tweeted these:

Well, clearly KRK, you don’t respect anybody, so why are you bothered about Zarina Ji. Its their matter, let them solve. But oh sorry. you are jobless, you have to do something for timepass !!!

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