“Congratulations!” is in order.

Filmmaker, host, author, a man of many talents, KJO adds another feather of responsibility to his hat, a rather big and adorable one, he is now a father to a pair of twins — a girl and a boy.

While KJO Johar is yet to make a statement regarding the same, the twins were reportedly born via a surrogate in February 2017. However, the officials from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation confirmed that the babies’ birth had been registered with them on Friday, 3 March 2017.

The twins are believed to have been delivered at the Masrani Hospital in Andheri. And according to reports, KJo had named his son Yash (after his father) and daughter Roohi (a re-arrangement of his mother Hiroo’s name).

Provided this news is true, we would like to wish KJo loads of happiness and shine for his mollycoddle journey. And, who knew, this statement from his book launch (An Unsuitable Boy) about his paternal instincts, was actually a hint (smiles)

“For me, a child means an old-age insurance policy. I have a nurturing quality in me. I saw that when I launched Alia, Varun and Sid in Student of the Year. I can’t let go of them even now. I see myself staring at them to see what they are doing and how they are doing. I am very strongly paternal. My paternal instincts need to be acted upon. My love needs a release. I love everyone. I don’t express my love enough, but the love within me needs a platform as a parent”

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