Gurgaon, its dark and monstrous, has depth and meaning…

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The film says more than it shows!

A place we all know about, a story we are quite familiar with, but a treatment that is not only distinct but captivating.

The best part about films like Gurgaon is they send out a message amidst a story.

But there is a sad part too, only the niches go out and watch such films.

Watch it If you like -

Performances are great, Story though seen-before is super captivating because of its execution, The subject makes you think of all the endless urbanization everywhere

But Beware of -

It isn’t an out and out thriller, Predictable, You may not have an appetite for such intense movies

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Nirmata (Makers)

Critically acclaimed cinematographer-turned-director Shanker Raman hasn’t picked Gurgaon as just a backdrop, he treats it as the film’s relevant subject and the story around it speaks a thousand words.

And there are reasons for such an impact.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

The story is only a small part of that, because it is seen-before, we know the devilish soul of Gurgaon. But this noir drama isn’t just about that, it goes deep enough to make us aware how the devil came to life.

It’s the treatment and execution that speaks volumes. Sometimes the silences and background score do the talking, and sometimes the camera work (by Vivek Shah). When a film maker knows the frames of attraction and the art of captivation, that’s when the audiences can connect to a film, no matter how commonplace or predictable a story is.

Both halves are equally interesting, there are times when the past-present narration confuses a little but then guess work helps. Also, at times, because the dialogue audio or the Haryanvi language, sentences fade but then because of the whole devilish skin of the film, one knows what’s happening.

The opening score and lines of the film are too convincing, the lines stating that we humans are after all a kind of animal, we too play prey and predator. And this beautifully matches the city of Gurgaon, where the predator is rich and prey is now so poor that they resort to crime. A city where one will find the new riches, people with money but no mentality. And all this is portrayed by the story and made felt by the dark zone the movie dwells in.

So much dark that it doesn’t treat Gurgaon as a city but rather as a character. The darkness, the silence, the hint behind an individual’s mindset, all this floats on the surface while the depth the movie is, that depends on each audience perception.

The film not only derives its strength from good performances, but also from detailing of small events, like for say, dinner table is where most conversations happen, and that moment in the film describes the bond between the family shown in the film.

The climax is nicely done and adds more volumes to the overall effect of the film.

Abhineta (Actors)

Pankaj Tripathi is always a pleasure to watch, after doing a bunch of quirky roles we see him in a different avatar. And honestly, watching his quirk we never thought the actor could deliver an intense performance equally wonderful.

Ragini Khanna, very compelling and effectual. The actress draws all the attention to herself in scenes that have her. Akshay Oberoi is so good that you’d start hating him, the actor does all the talking with his eyes. His eyes, show the evil in him, he is that brilliant in his act.

Shalini Vatsa as the mother is convincing in her role.

Prasthabhumi Sangeet (Background Score)

The score is not only captivating but pushes one into an intensely though-provoking zone.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

It is definitely a film for the niches but also a film one should watch because of the message it wants to give out, hidden somewhere in the lanes of Gurgaon, wanting to shout out from the sky scrapers, to let life dominate and not buildings.

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