Judwaa 2 is the perfect double dose of fun, entertainment and tinsel

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Laughter is a serious business.

Its combination with entertainment doesn’t come easy in films, not especially today, when audiences have become more choosy and aware.

And who knows that better than David Dhawan, one of the masters of this genre.

After 20 years, we not only get the Judwaas back but also a whole lot of entertainment, nostalgia and exuberance.

Watch it If you like -

Entertaining throughout, Clean and fun-filled comedy, Great music and locations, Fab performances

But Beware of -

Comparison and over-particular ones might not like it

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Nirmata (Makers)

Just like old times, once again, its Sajid Naidwala and David Dhawan for Judwaa 2.

And it’s like they have served nostalgia for those who watched Judwaa (who hasn’t), and high spirits for everyone. Because after a while in the movie, you feel your energy levels high and you too would want to get up and dance and those do those pelvic movies like Varun.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Prem and Raja are twins separated at birth. The two grow up in different places and families, and hence expectedly in a Bollywood film and as per the first film, one is street smart and other, an innocent geek.

Basically, the premise is the same. And those iconic songs, those antics, the fact the two will always behave similar, the tapori-ness, the glamour, the one-liners, every likeable and strong aspect is intact.

It’s just that the energy and entertainment is double. And guess what, this is what everybody is looking for in comedy films these days.

The fun factor in a comedy film belongs to spontaneity and energy, even the action scenes should have them. This is what Judwaa 2 is like, heard-before but unrehearsed jokes, predictable and yet fun. Even the actors seem to be having so much fun and that clearly was visible onscreen.

Even the length of the movie didn’t hurt even once. And even when you know the scenes and situations because of the first film, you won’t feel a minute of humdrum anywhere in the film.

Yes, the unbelievability and slapstick might not work for some, but somewhere this is what works in a comedy film and/or this is what should be ignored in light-hearted easy-going films.

Abhineta (Actors)

Varun Dhawan has so much to do. He must be himself while he shows his Govinda-Salman Khan streaks. He must maintain his dad’s legacy and the film’s too. Whoa! So much pressure and the actor does all of that. But wait, he also entertains to a level that know no bounds and he makes us fall in love with his energy.

Taapsee and Jacqueline, 2 glam dolls cum charmers were good. Though we have seen Jacqy doing such roles before, Taapsee was the real surprise. Both were so energetic and gleeful to watch.

Upasana Singh and Rajpal Yadav, two roles and actors who totally stole the limelight. Upasan Singh as always was overjoyed in her act. Rajpal Yadav was just tremendous and so damn entertaining.

Anupam Kher as Alishka’s father, Pavan Malhotra as Officer, Ali Asgar as Doctor, actors who can work magic in even a short role, they were all great in the film.

Vivan Bhatena as Alex was nice in his role.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The songs are so much fun and high on energy. With 2 iconic songs and the popular background score from the first film, this film too passes with flying colors when it comes to music and score.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

If you don’t come out soaked with tapori-ness, oodles of energy and a zone of zest, you can write to us and we will debate and brainwash you into liking this film.

What a film for this festive season.

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