Kartaa, when the provider of this universe pours difficult times, the provider of a family finds himself standing on a thin rope of hope and breakdown.

Now or Never is the situation, and this LSF-Anurag Kashyap presented short film shows that in the most realistic way.

Directed by Randeep Jha, associate director of Mukkabaaz, the story is well paced, crisp and believable. A little more convince may be was needed but the short film puts you in such a thinking zone where you realize that so many of us out there are in debt, be it money, help, love or even life. And we can’t know a person’s story, even if that person is sitting right next to you in a theatre, at a mall or in a metro.

This zone is truly the director’s job and Randeep Jha does justice to this short film and his mentor Anurag Kashyap.

Acting by Digamber Prasad is very persuasive, the blankness in his eyes speaks all of all the chaos happening in his mind, telling him to hope and asking him to give up at the same time. The climax is sudden, good for some, you may make your own deep interpretation, but may be not good for others who like a closure.

Do watch it:

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