A woman is killing him (metaphorically) and another is saving him.

Post Kangana Ranaut’s recent revival of allegations (this time wide open) against Hrithik Roshan, ex-wife Sussanne Khan comes out in his support. Oh well, of course, an easy and predictable way to answer…

Bad PR strategy or Bad personal decision.

Anyway, just like there is a difference in opinion in how Kangana shouldn’t have reopened the fight again even if asked questions about it, there is a difference in opinion for Sussanne Khan’s social media post too.

One woman is making life hard for him, another is always saving him, where is the man himself? Let’s put it this way, either you hit back or you don’t, your ex-wife responding is against the rule book of a fight.

Call it amazing or otherwise, but Sussane did post a picture of hers with Hrithik to let the world know she is still with him and supports him with all her heart.

The caption read: “The is no allegation or sad plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #powerofthetruth #mafamilia #goodoverevil.”

Meanwhile, Kangana recently said that she would not remain silent if someone asks her a question about Hrithik. “I am not one of those who will manipulate, I will answer every question. If I answer also people have a problem and if I don’t answer then also people have a problem. I am not someone who will go around and round. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer, I don’t understand what to say or not to say then! The best solution would be not to call me for interviews, so everybody is quiet, and the problem will be solved.”

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