Kangana Ranaut has been doing public appearances for her film Simran, and is swearing by one rule: if she is asked a question, she’ll answer.

Well fair enough. And so obviously, she is asked questions regarding controversies and the actress is firing answers, sparing nobody and fearing no one.

Among many other interviews, her episode of Rajat Sharma’s famous show, Aap Ki Adaalat, is the most talked about where she opened on the entire Hrithik matter like never before.

And among other things she blasted wide open, this particular revelation now included (dragged) Katrina Kaif in the fiasco. She hinted that Hrithik broke up with her after she heard whispers of his affair with a co-star he was shooting with in Manali.

Apparently, Hrithik changed his colors when he went for an outdoor shoot in Manali and told her that there was nothing between them.

This is what Kangana said, “Kisi heroine ke saath mein yeh Manali mein shoot kar rahe the, aur wahaan pe unke affair ki khabarein aayi. Toh maine poocha unko; Valentine’s tha February mein, maine kaha ki ‘Aapne mujhe phone nahin kiya, kuch nahi?’ Toh mujhe kehte hai, ‘Phone kis baat ka?’ Maine kaha, ‘Valentine hai.’ Toh kehte hai, ‘Tumko kyun karunga phone?’ Maine kaha, ‘Mujhko kyun nahi karoge phone? Kyunki main toh tumse shaadi karne wali hoon.’ Toh kehte hai, ‘Shaadi-vaadi toh tum bhool jao, tumne kis-kis ko bataya hai ki tumhara aur mera kuch chal raha hai?'”

And incidentally, it was Katrina Kaif that Hrithik was shooting with at the time. The two were filming Siddharth Anand’s Bang Bang.

Oops! True or not, that’s what the news.

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