This twin sitcom film is a dose of comedy in its most entertaining and cleanest form

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Mubarakan, this is the film audiences have been seeking from Bollywood in the days of biopics and period-dramas.

A family entertainer was missing or has become rare, thanks to the film, we had a really good time and we assure you the same.

The film not only brings the comedy soul alive, but it brings it back in the cleanest, refreshing, and entertaining way.

Watch it If you like -

Not only entertaining but it’s also enjoyable, A film that one can enjoy with their families

But Beware of -

While Punjabi culture is all the enthusiasm in the movie, one may not understand the lingo and enjoy it much

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Nirmata (Makers)

Welcome and Singh Is Kinng, remember these two of the many films by the director Anees Bazmee, what do they have in common?

It’s their essence of pure entertainers, not relying on double meaning jokes to up the humor quotient.

And this new release by the director, not only has that but also has good locations and set ups, that really brighten because of the cinematography.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

London and Chandigarh are stuck in twin love troubles, Charan and Karan have girlfriends they can’t tell their parents about, while the latter are looking for brides for them.

We aren’t going to tell more into the story because for a comedy film, story is already predictable and we aren’t making it more obvious for you. So, getting onto how the film is, this one is funny in not only script but story also.Because many comedy films just have a series of confusing scenes sans a decent story. So, there is a good story and script with some funny situations and some hilarious dialogues.

The best part about the film is, it doesn’t rely on double meaning jokes and clumsy actions to deliver humor. We don’t mean all adult comedies and slapstick comedies are bad, but a sitcom is a tough one to make out of the lot because the film maker has just the actors and his imagination to deliver a series of entertaining situations and confusions.

Also, generally twin films are cliché, this one is different.

Zone of Punjabi culture can be a problem  for some because of the lingo, but it’s not that typical. Dragged climax will be a problem are for all. One gets a little annoyed with minor vibes of male dominance but we guess the makers thought of it as Punjabi swag so let’s just ignore that.

One is having a wonderful time watching the film, locations, and songs, why worry about minor flaw, not every time Bollywood shower such a film on us. A film that had the perfect casting and amusing performances.

Abhineta (Actors)

Two actors, Anil Kapoor, and Pavan Malhotra, they are the comic soul of this film. Anil Kapoor is just amazingly ‘jhakaas’. Pavan Malhotra is tremendous, he always gets into the skin of his character, even a weak script can’t challenge him. Without these two veteran actors, the film would have weighed empty, even the leads would have seemed dull without them.

Ratna Pathak, another veteran actor, she adds all the grace and her portion of humor in her own peculiar style. She can even talk to a portrait on the wall and make the scene extraordinarily entertaining.

Arjun Kapoor as Karanveer Singh and Charanveer Singh, the actor is in his best form in the film, a role that suits him and he delivers his comic best.

Ileana D’Cruz is charmingly spontaneous in the film. She just catches your attention from the very first scene, and you know the actress is going to rock in the film.

Athiya Shetty as Binkle, is not only miscast but totally a misfit. Her was the weakest role, and the actress also didn’t take any effort into making it a wee bit strong. The surprise girl in the film Neha Sharma was impressive and refreshing. Rahul Dev had all the Punjabi swag but didn’t have much role. Karan Kundra was nice in his short role.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Songs are good, the best is Hawa Hawa that really gets you dancing and singing. Their usage is much in the film but nothing that slide the movie fun to a negative scale.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

Gather your gang, or take your whole family to watch this entertainer and you will have a great time. Take our word.

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