This thriller engages enormously making you excited and eager to solve the mystery

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Can you? Will you?

That’s another mystery in this mystery thriller, whether you will be able to solve it as it goes, or you will just know it when it ends. Well, for that you have to watch this thriller, that not only engages you, but makes sure that you never skip a scene.

Thrillers are not about classes or masses, they are about brain exercise and for the ones who relish this genre, this one is a great watch.

Watch it If you like -

Its arresting, its crisp and it satisfies your thriller thirst

But Beware of -

Not for those who don’t have an appetite for dark-ish, noir-ish, mystifying films

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Nirmata (Makers)

This is actor Samir Soni’s directorial debut for which he has partnered with long-time friend Sanjay Suri to co-produce also.

What caught our eyes in the film, more than the story, the storytelling, the execution, the treatment and the presentation, is how every scene maintains your interest.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

The story revolves around Rajeev Kaul celebrating his 40th birthday and what happened that day. He finds himself stuck between present and future, dreams and reality.

While the character in the movie is perplexed, the makers make sure the audience is baffled too, and in a good way.

With chock-a-block twists, you wouldn’t want to miss a scene. The plot is crisp, taut and well-paced, but missing a frame would mean missing a clue you were looking for to solve the mystery.

That’s the best part of the film, not only the character is looking to solve the mystery, the audiences join him too, the story telling is that involving. It doesn’t give you enough time to soak yourself in one scene, so brain exercise is one thing you’d be looking for in this movie.

Yes, few stretches go a little dull but thankfully they don’t kill the movie’s absorbing power. Also, if you are looking for something more relaxing in a movie, then this one is certainly the opposite.

Abhineta (Actors)

Sanjay Suri, Nora Fatehi and debutante Zenia Starr, the movie mainly revolves around these three lead actors. Sanjay Suri has done a good job pulling off a puzzled look in the film. Nora Fatehi looks stunning and acted well. Zenia Starr certainly caught our attention with her charm and natural act.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The background score of the film is interesting and is befitting to the film’s deep dark zone.


Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

Are you a thriller fan? This one is for you

Do you want movies to interest and involve you? This one is definitely for you.

Looking for a more entertaining watch? You know thrillers are not your genre.

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