Rajkumar Rao’s loyal oath to his role will make a lodge in your mind!

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This code of silence needs to be heard!


The story of course needs to be heard.


Rajkummar Rao needs to be seen in his spectacularly convincing act.


But talking about it as a film, it is of course seen-before sorts and will attract small viewership.

Watch it If you like -

Rajkummar Rao’s brilliant act, Engaging zone

But Beware of -

  • Purpose of the film isn’t clear, Editing is average and confusing.
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Nirmata (Makers)

Hansal Mehta’s direction and Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s cinematography makes a zone good enough to create thrill, but all this leads nowhere.

One keeps wishing for the script to grow!


Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)


Following the disdainful journey of the life of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the prime flaw was connect and character establishment.Without both, how can we probably be involved in the life of the same person.Something was not right or not complete in the script and you keep waiting that the film will lead somewhere but that doesn’t happen.

Major part is English and hence the target audience is defined. The execution give it a thrilling zone but the script leaves it like a regular terrorism based film and hence further defines the viewership.


The sequences are linked in an unclear way and thus editing seems blurred too. The film should have had more impact of the character, but it was just Rajkummar’s act that achieved that.


Abhineta (Actors)


Rajkummar Rao’s code of performance and his refusal to give up on his fine act even in a small scene, that’s how we will define omertà. He is terrifying even when he smiles. And his adaptation of British accent is just simply commendable, trying not too hard and not being too stylishly fake about it.


Geet Sangeet (Music)

The background score is perfectly paced to add more intensity to the movie.


Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)


The climax of both the movie and this review says Rajkummar Rao is a gem. The film for sure keeps you hooked but it also keeps you waiting for more.






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