People like Padman are brilliant inspiration, Films like Padman are the needed revolution

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Times have changed. Films have too. They kind of walk hand in hand. One brings about change/s in the other.

But have times really changed? The film gets you thinking when you hear only 12 percent women in India use pads.

Whatever the era is, we need more people and films like THE PADMAN. For awareness, for change and for welfare.

Watch it If you like -

Inspirational content, Great performances

But Beware of -

It needed to trim down a bit. Also, it needed more believability.

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Nirmata (Makers)

Based on a short story in Twinkle Khanna’s book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad and is inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu, the film’s execution was just fab.

The reason is definitely R.Balki, a film maker who writes his own films and tells them in the most realistic way.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

The story, we all know. The impulse it brings about isn’t.

So, the screenplay, well written and well executed, though predictable, is very motivational.

It also does entertain whilst pointing out the taboos. It doesn’t go out and out preachy and moralizing. When women are shown spending 50 bucks for prasad in a temple, but they wouldn’t spend the same amount for pads, says a lot about what’s in store for you all.

It shows what’s wrong with our approach without being scornful.

Everything is good in the first half. The post interval becomes too easy to be believable. Love angles and triangles were a bit unnecessary (sorry for the spoiler) but we guess some filmy elements were required.

The end though predictable was nicely done with tutti-futti-direct-from-heart written speech. A bit dramatic and dragged in parts, few dialogues from the film will become your carry-home quotes.

The most prominent of all messages is: pads are a necessity and not a luxury, they are must and not an option.

Abhineta (Actors)

Akshay Kumar, once again, pulls off that small-town avatar perfectly. Yes, its time we see Akshay in other roles now, but the persuasion he brings in the movie is too good.

Radhika Apte is good in her role. She fits in perfectly in the role of a woman who is more than happy to stick and follow the so-called society rules.

Sonam Kapoor’s role is the best and the actress nails it in the most effortless and natural way. If Akshay is the superhero, she is the super heroine in the film.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Music by Amit Trivedi adds a lot of convince in the film. The film starts and ends with songs, Aaj Se Teri and Superhero, as the background score for scenes that have a lot of meaning as visuals than words, and what better way to express them with songs.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

The package of films as both message and entertainment carriers is in vogue. And is getting successful too, what better medium than films to deliver what’s relevant and meaningful.

Must watch. Even for those who don’t have any taboos with pads. Living in a city, you may not know that you or your family belong to the 12% of women who use pads.

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