Directed by R Balki and based on a real story of Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented a machine to create low-cost sanitary napkin, the subject itself is influencing.

To make the subject connect correctly, we’d like to applaud the film maker and his whole team.

At times, things are not extra ordinary, but still valuable, this is one such thing, one such film. So, you shouldn’t need any reason to go watch this one, it’s a given, you should watch this flick. But still we have 5 reasons for you to do so:

1. Awareness: If you live in a city, you may not know what women use or do during periods just to save some bucks. Through the film you know the small percentage of women using sanitary pads, the percentage is so less that it’ll shock you. Yes, even google can give that information but not with a film, it can reach masses.

You’ll also know the importance of menstrual hygiene.

2. Non-preachy: The film isn’t some moralistic agenda we felt, it was more suggestive.

3. Akshay and R.Balki: Akshay is on some spree to present and act in quality content and Padman is no different. And when he joins R. Balki, a film maker who strikes a chord with his films, the result easily is a great movie.

Plus, with Akshay, the movie will reach more people. Honestly, when Phullu came, a movie based on the same subject, not   many knew or still know about it. Star power matters!

4. Breaking taboos: Buying or carrying or talking about a diaper is okay. But pads aren’t. How are they different? The purpose is the same, HYGIENE! PERIOD.

And honestly it is not about education, even a well to do family would have issues talking openly about it and a house help would be all cool about it. It is the thought process.

5. Entertainment: When message is wrapped with an entertainment envelope, it comes across more effectively. Want a dose of the same, go watch this film.

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