Shab has a mellow story that collapses because of an unconvincing script

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Shab, the movie isn’t a bright starry night, but a night with dull and boring sky. And like many other films, the blame goes to the script.

It is bold, has emotions, portrays morals but nothing manages to make or maintain an impact.

With a little more attention on the film’s script and narrative, this world that shows everybody has dark hideous secretive part in their lives, this world could have been so much better.

Watch it If you like -

Cinematography and camera angles are great, Songs are good, Short duration

But Beware of -

Unconvincing screenplay, Dull Boring and Hotch Potch screenplay

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Nirmata (Makers)

Directed by Onir, produced by Sanjay Suri, Onir for Anticlock Films, WSG Pictures and Surya Entertainment, this film doesn’t have to be on your watch list.

And when we say this, it’s not only because the film lacks something, it’s also because films like Shab aren’t relished by the audiences (forget the masses). Because they contain unenthusiastic content that fails to connect or make an impact.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

A story of how far can you go or how much can one droop their rules and levels to achieve their dreams, is seen-before many times. And when glamor industry is used as the theme, the story becomes more commonplace, and of course predictable.

Where there are ambitions to be followed, there’s lust to be quenched. That’s what the story is about and with a right script, the film could have had a shot to be watched and hence liked by the audiences.

Written by Merle Kröger and Onir, the first half of the film is better than its post interval. Interest is maintained with the way story unfolds and the thought that there is more to the film, makes it possible to be involved in the first half. But then later, the film gets unconvincing, confusing, more dull and boring. The dialogues are cliché in many parts, so are few scenes. The end is so typical. There are also a lot of loopholes in the sequence of events.

The film definitely had potential, but the script in many parts is so unbelievable that it leaves the viewer with confusion and predictability.

The best part about the film was the DOP-ing. The editing was a bit cranky. And the performances scored a ‘good’ overall.

Abhineta (Actors)

Raveena Tandon as Sonal is stunning. Whatever impact the movie has, it’s because of her boldly expressive and conniving act.

Ashish Bisht as Mohan/Afzar is good, at times he impresses, at times he goes overboard with the act or the script was such.

Arpita Chatterjee as Raina looks fresh and good in her role. Areesz Ganddi is impressively good as Neel. Sanjay Suri as Vivek Modi is ok in his short role. Simon Frenay as Benoit is convincing and charming.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Music is good but the script was so much hotch-potch that the songs made no sense at all.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

The film will be liked by the niche of the niches, because of its slow and unconvincing treatment. You can easily skip this one.






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