While Kangana Ranaut have been answering all the questions with confidence and in detail during her film promotions, her sister Rangoli was and is all over twitter knocking down everyone that says a word about Kangana.

With a just an indirect post, that too from ex-wife Sussanne Khan, the Roshans have been eerily silent over the matter.

But now, Rakesh Roshan finally broke his silence, “We are not loose talkers. We don’t believe in making wild unsubstantiated accusations. We have submitted our complaint with all the proofs. If you want a copy of the complaint, please request it from our lawyer Mr Mahesh Jethmalani’s office, as it is now in the public domain.”

[In fact, Arnab Goswami’s Republic channel released a copy of the complaint on Monday triggering off a renewed spell of controversy]

He further added, “If you read the complaint you will be shocked by the facts. We gave our side of the truth to the cybercrime branch on April 8, 2017. We submitted all the authentic relevant documents with all the emails, electronic gadgets. It’s now up to the authorities to decide who’s telling the truth.”

For the concluding answer, he also added, “We’ve always believed in the power of the truth. I was taught to be honest by my father (the legendary music composer Roshan) and I’ve taught Hrithik the same. In this matter, the truth will be out soon.”

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