Sushmita Sen is back in action after five years (was last seen in Bengali film Nirbaak in 2015). She decided to make a comeback with a web series titled Aarya which is directed by Ram Madhvani, the man who had helmed the amazing film Neerja.


Aarya was supposed to be made as a film a few years ago with Kajol in the lead role. But that didn’t happen and Madhvani offered it as a web series to Sen. It is based on Dutch drama series Penoza.


The series is about Aarya (Sen) who is happily married to Tej (Chandrachur Singh) and the couple has three kids. Tej is handling the medicines business of Aarya’s father, but behind that there are many illegal things taking place under the roof. One day, Tej is shot and he dies. Due to the circumstances, Aarya takes up the business to safeguard her family.


The story of Aarya is surely interesting, but to make it a series, the writers have stretched it a lot. We wish the writers stuck to the screenplay that they wrote for the movie. Just imagine, a nearly 3-hour film has been converted into 9 episodes of web series. Also, the episodes are too long, like some are 55 minutes, some are of 45 minutes, and some of 40 minutes. Maybe editing out a few scenes could have worked better for the series.


Along with Ram Madhvani, Sandeep Modi and Vinod Rawat have also directed the series. All three have done a good job here, but with Madhvani’s name attached to it, we expected it to be a fantastic series.


The makers have hit the bullseye with the casting of Sushmita Sen. She has given one of her career’s best performance in the series. We hope that we get to see her more in movies and web series. Chandrachur Singh is good in his part, but his pairing with Sen looks weird. Namit Das and Ankur Bhatia are damn good in their respective roles. Sikander Kher is strictly average in his part. All three kids have done a wonderful job in the series.


Overall, Aarya had the potential to be better, but it is not a bad series. You can surely watch it once, and if you are a fan of Sushmita Sen, then it’s A MUST WATCH.


Ratings: 3/5


Check out the trailer here…


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