After Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, a lot of discussions have been going on about how nepotism takes place in the industry. A lot of celebs have spoken about it and one of them is Abhay Deol.


Recently, while talking to Hindustan Times, the actor said, “Sushant’s death definitely sort of pushed me to speak up a little bit. But, this isn’t my first time speaking up. In the past, I’ve taken on the biggest. I’m sorry it took someone’s death to wake everybody up. But I’m glad that people have taken note and they want to be heard. They’re asking for a change not just from the outside of the industry but even from the inside. What’s good today is that actors are speaking out. I had become quiet because I didn’t want to be the only one screaming. No man is an island, after all. And, without support, I alone couldn’t have brought about the change we need. So, I decided to speak up once again.”


Further talking about how bias practices in Bollywood affect a person’s mental health, Deol said,  “It’s an extremely competitive space. People are highly insecure and you’ll often hear them say, ‘your failure is my success’. People planting false stories about you, paid-for reviews being deliberately negative, people gaslighting you within the industry to sabotage you, people robbing you of a nomination or a win at an award show — these are some of the ways in which you make another person’s failure your success. Now, imagine a person with a mental illness being thrown in this toxic environment. For sure, it would take a toll. They are, after all, more vulnerable.”


Abhay Deol comes from a filmy family (he is the nephew of Dharmendra) but the actor says, “I blame my family; they too called out the corrupt practices of these functions. I do believe these shows are more of a PR exercise for the filmmakers, and a TRP exercise for the platform. I do enjoy seeing talent get awarded that does happen from time to time.”

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