Sushant Singh Rajput kickstarted his Bollywood journey with Abhishek Kapoor’s Kai Po Che. The actor once again collaborated with the director for 2018 release Kedarnath.


Recently, in an interview Kapoor stated that Sushant was upset about the importance that Sara Ali Khan was getting. He said, “I had not spoken to him (Sushant) for a year and half. He changed his number 50 times. I remember when Kedarnath had come out, the media just slammed him (Sushant). And I don’t know what happened. Sushant could see that he was not getting the kind of love because everything was being said about Sara. He was not talking to me. Sushant was kind of lost. Then I sent him a few messages. Then the film released and it did really well. Again I sent him a message. This is the last exchange I had with him. ‘Bro I have been trying to reach you. I’m not sure if you’re upset, busy or what. But call me soon to chat, we made a superb film again. If we’re not going to celebrate it, who the hell is going to celebrate. What the hell are we gonna celebrate in life.’ Then I sent him messages again in January. He did not respond on his birthday. I just let him be. I was like koi nahi, Yeh gaya hai, aayega yeh. I could see he is not in a good place. But, you can’t cross a line. You have to reach out halfway. But if you over extend and give unsolicited advice, it loses its value. I can only reach the halfway mark and wait ke yeh ayega.”

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