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A film in a film, well surely a different concept for Hindi Cinema, and this concept is brought on our screens by Vikramaditya Motwane in his directorial AK vs Ak. The trailer of the film was decent, but the promotions were damn interesting and that’s why everyone was keen to watch the film. So, does this film impress? Well, yes it does.

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If you want to watch something unique from the run-of-mill Bollywood films, watch AK vs AK on Netflix right now.

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Performances are good, but they go a bit over the top.

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Nirmata (Makers)


A few years ago, Vikramaditya Motwane had announced a film titled AK vs SK. Shahid Kapoor was supposed to play the lead role, but later the film was put on the backburner. Then, last year, it was announced that Anil Kapoor has been roped in to play the lead role and it’s now titled AK vs Ak.


We clearly don’t know why the film was shelved earlier. But now, with AK vs AK, Motwane proves that he wanted to give audiences something new and unique. The best thing about the film is that it has been released on Netflix. A film like this surely attracts the OTT audience and might have not done great business at the box office.


Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)


So, AK vs AK is about Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap. They play themselves in the film and after a fight at an event, Kashyap decides to take revenge by making a realistic film starring Kapoor. He kidnaps Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor and tells the actor to find his daughter and he will record the whole event.


The screenplay of the film is engaging and keeps you on the edge-of-the-seat. The twist and turns in the film are shocking especially the ones that take place in pre-climax and climax.


Abhineta (Actors)


In such films acting plays a very important part, and Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap have acted well. But, we can’t ignore that in some scenes, their performance goes over the top. Harshvardhan Kapoor in his cameo is really bad, but Sonam Kapoor leaves a mark. Yogita Bihani is very good in her part.


Geet Sangeet (Music)


There’s not much scope of music in the film, but it feels good to see Anil Kapoor dancing to his iconic song in the film.


Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)


AK vs AK offers something that we haven’t seen before. So, yes it surely deserves a watch.






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