Some are sharing their #MeToo stories, some are criticizing men for their hypocritical support.

And so, from the latter lot, an actress is all set to come forward and make another shocking revelation in the #MeToo India movement.

Nothing has been revealed as of now, but the hints are quite clear. The actress has faced harassment from the married superstar way back on their movie sets in 2012 and will share her story of harassment from 6 years ago.

This superstar has recently been involved in many social issues which he tries to portray through his films. A family man with wife and kids, he has been popular in the industry for many casual relationships in the past.

Now per reports and per hints, it is kind of getting clear that the actress is Aditi Rao Hydari, who has tweeted saying:

Now, if the actress is Aditi, then who is she talking about? Shall we start looking at all the films she did? Or may, the actress here is someone else.

We have to wait to know more but this news, if it ever comes out, will not only make headlines, but will make us beware that there are more predators than we ever could imagine.

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