This Baazaar will cater all, involvement for the classes and entertainment for the masses

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We were really impressed with the film’s crowd-pleasing skills, just the right dose of maths and masala, a bit more of the latter (some may complain).

But the latter was needed in a film with a subject related to trades and share markets, that is many times impenetrable.

And that’s what made the film shift from ‘not meant for everyone’ to ‘enjoyed by everyone’ category.

Watch it If you like -

Saif Ali Khan is the king of this Baazaar and you are going to love him in every scene, Equally impressive are Radhika Apte and Rohan Mehra, Full Dhamekedaar Dialogues, The film’s subject has been simplified to cater all

But Beware of -

Stretched in parts, Predictive at times, Songs should have been used as background score only

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Nirmata (Makers)

Directed by debutante Gauravv K Chawla, the film’s presentation has richness. That’s what’s visible from the very first scene.

The treatment is the most impressive, to not let numbers and figures overpower the movie’s relatability for a layman, and to package both realism and entertainment.

The execution is smooth, apt and understandable, all thanks to Maahir Zaveri and Arjun Srivastava’s editing.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Taking up a complex subject, simplifying it and combining it with masala, was a great choice. Because if you see the subject itself, of the world of stock markets, there is money, there is emotion, there is victory, there is loss, all this and more. Material good enough for a film.

The film just needed the right dose of everything, and we have something close to that in Baazaar.

Dragged in some parts, predictive in other parts, the film has its share of flaws, but it will be enjoyed by all.

Though the interesting master-disciple clash and the impressive idea of fourth wall break when an actor talks directly to the audience could have been more effectual, the dialogues by Aseem Arora covers many negatives in the film. Some of them are powerful and will stay with you for long.

Things also seem too convenient and easy to happen, but then you realize that otherwise the film would have gone too long and complex. Also, somewhere you’d expect from a film like this to play with you head with its pace and content, where blink and breath would mean losing onto an important film. But that doesn’t happen, again may be because it would have made the film too complicated. Because the soundness of the film lies in the fact that a complex subject is made enjoyable and involving for us. And the impact of the film lies in the guts and confidence you see in every frame.

Abhineta (Actors)

Money won’t be a problem, you might resist all of that, but you can’t resist Saif. He is the style, he is the richness, he is the face, heart and soul of the film. He is dashing, he is splendid, and he delivers one of his finest.

This can’t be his debut film. Rohan Mehra is so natural and comfortable onscreen. Truly impressive.

Radhika Apte, either she has an eye for roles that stand apart or she makes every role an attractive one. Whatever the case is, we just can’t get enough of her.

Chitrangda Singh, has short but important role. She looks gracefully and sensually amazing as always and we wonder why her true potential isn’t be recognized, we can see that, why can’t film makers?

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Though there are not many songs, but still this should have been a song-less film where you can’t blink or breath because you might miss something important. Tanishk Bagchi’s Kem Cho as the background score is the best of the lot and aptly used in the film. Other songs are good too, but then again should have been used as background scores only.


One, you can’t miss the royalty, Saif Ali Khan. Two, you will be impressed with the debutants, director Gauravv K Chawla and actor Rohan Mehra. Three, you’ll enjoy it for sure.

So, go ahead, invest your time and money in this Baazaar because the stock prices will definitely go up (wink).

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