Shahid Kapoor keeps the energy Meter Chalu of this Batti Gul screenplay

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The movie is Batti Gul most of the times and Meter Chalu only in parts.

And those are the parts where the actors try and keep the energy of the film alive, Shahid is on fire, Shraddha and Divyenndu have their energies right too.

But the script didn’t strike a chord, especially with all the overuse of pahadi (hills) words, Thehra and Bal which didn’t go well with our skull (read brain).

Watch it If you like -

The intent to talk about a relevant social issue, Shahid Kapoor is impressive, Few punch liners in the script

But Beware of -

The melodrama and weak editing make the script very uninteresting and thus the already stretched 175 minutes film seems even more stretched

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Nirmata (Makers)

The director may be the best man to tell his story but not the best to edit his film. And hence, we guess, out of sheer attachment, the director couldn’t do away with even the  scenes in the film.

Just like the director’s last film, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, the intent is good, but the script doesn’t compliment the intent here, it rather diluted it.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

We can’t say how the direction, because of the averageness of the film overall itself, and the major flaw was in the script.

Not only filled with unnecessary scenes, not only dissolving the intent, but the weak script by Sidhartha Singh and Garima Wahal merely touches the issue in the first half.

And weak includes, the writing, the dragged and dead scenes, taking long to establish a point.

Establishment requires good base and so spending some scenes on the scene is valid but taking too much time doing the same also ruins the very thing you are trying to achieve.

The second half is better than the first because that’s when the courtroom drama starts. First half is all about connection between the 3 actors and the issue the movie wanted to touch, about corruption in our electricity companies, is merely talked about. That’s where the downfall began. Also, overdose of drama and overuse of Thehra and Bal is annoying most of the times, mainly because there wasn’t strength in other departments of the film.

The second half, only when the court room starts, few dialogues are good and make the movie interesting. But by then, the movie’s purpose is quite lost. Its Shahid’s performance in the courtroom scenes that make an influence and thus leave an impact regarding about the issue which the script should have done.

The best part about the film is it doesn’t wraps the characters in a cliched love story.

Abhineta (Actors)

Shahid Kapoor is in form from the very first scene. if Thehra and Bal could connect with us, it was because of Shahid, he adapted a style to use them and it didn’t look fake. Shraddha Kapoor’s character is very cool, and her act is equally cool too. Divyenndu Sharmaa is good in his role too, be it in comic parts or in emotional segments, the actor was equally convincingly.

Yami Gautam is very impressive in her role.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The only creation that fits in the script is, Arijit Singh’s Har Har Gange. Rest of the tracks weren’t bad and weren’t much great too.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

The film has something relevant and important to say and we wish that comes across and doesn’t gets ruined in the path the film chose to show it.

Also, Shahid Kapoor fans will enjoy his full of energy act.






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