Shah Rukh Khan has kept himself away from the big screen for more than a year now. But well, as a producer he is working quite actively. After Bard Of Blood, SRK has now produced one more web series titled Betaal. Betaal is a horror series and we all know that when it comes to horror Indian filmmakers don’t have much to offer.


Betaal is about a tunnel in a village which according to local villagers is haunted. The tunnel has been shut for many years, but now, the government wants to build a highway crossing through it. A military force is hired to evacuate the village. Well, they break the tunnel’s front side and soon, it turns out that there are zombies in the tunnel and now, they are coming out of it and killing people. Vikram Sirohi (Vineet Kumar Singh) and few others take a shelter in an old bungalow in the area to be safe from the zombies. But will they be able to survive?


Betaal is written by Patrick Graham and Suhani Kanwar. The writers have tried to come up with something different when we talk about the concept. Even the direction of Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan is on point. The atmosphere created by them is quite scary.


But well, we cannot say that there are no negative points in the series. The screenplay in between falters a bit, and also there are less scary scenes in the series. The makers have actually tried to make a series that would make you feel uncomfortable because they are many violent scenes and sequences that has a lot of blood. This is clearly not for faint-hearted people.


Talking about performances, Vineet Kumar Singh has done a great job. Aahana Kumra leaves a mark. Suchitra Pillai is excellent. Jatin Goswami is damn good. Siddharth Menon is amazing and Manjiri Pupala is good.


Overall, Betaal is a good web series, and watching it once won’t harm you. But if you get scared easily don’t watch it.


Ratings: 3/5


Check out the trailer here…


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