Beyond The Clouds: A movie made with love, warmth and cinematic prowess

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A simple tale develops depth with good storytelling and this is what this film excelled in.

Strong storytelling and balanced engagement, and with heart in the right place, this film tries to create magic. Trying was good enough for us as reviewers but when we think as audiences, deep connect and emotions were missing.

Watch it to witness the debut of two wonderful actors, Ishaan and Malavika.

Watch it If you like -

Ishaan Khatter’s catchy debut, Great cinematographic experience, Movie has realistic and simplistic touch

But Beware of -

Lack of emotions, You would want the film to progress more, Not a masses movie

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Nirmata (Makers)

Majid Majidi’s debut in Indian cinema has a touch that’s innocent, realistic, simplistic and humane. He has procured the best out of everything, be it the performances from the actors or the spirit of the city Mumbai, or his own amazing camera work.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Written by Majid Majidi and Mehran Kashani the story is nothing we haven’t seen before, but definitely has newness when it comes to narration.

The deeper by lanes of Mumbai and the secrets it hides, the little cute moments that splash magic on the screen, the tranquility of wind rushing through Dhobi Ghat, the busyness where there are hundreds of pigeons, and the amazing view of the flocks of flamingos, Mumbai is not shown in its most real form and yet isn’t labelled as or shown as ugly or poverty stricken as most off-shore film makers do.

Mumbai is Mumbai, and not anything good or bad in the movie, that’s the best part about the film.

Another thing that impressed us is that the movie hasn’t been given a festival-feel for the heck of it, it has some filmy nature to it. having said that, it isn’t exactly a Bollywood-ish film too, so even if the story is something that masses would connect, the feel and narration as a different appetite. And hence this film is only for the niches.

Also, the film, no matter how slow it goes in parts, tries to connect throughout with its smooth humor and cute moments, but emotions was a package that went missing. Even when there is a sad situation or outburst scene, emotions are simply missing.

In the end, the film might leave you with a lot of questions, and well that’s the beauty of this film, you derive your own essence and take-home-feeling from the film.

Abhineta (Actors)

Ishaan Khatter, his first scene where you see his face and he winks, one just can’t believe it’s his first film and that’s when you know how amazing he would be in the film.  Expressions, dance, body language, dialogue delivery, everything on point. That’s some traits only a natural can deliver or perhaps his training started too early and now he just close to perfect. Well, that’s to find in his future films, but here he was amazing.

Malavika Mohanan, she looks like Deepika Padukone, oh wait Diana Penty, or may be both. But she acts like none, she has her own impressive style. She was beyong believable in some scenes. GV Sharada as Paati, an actor with 3 national awards and the two kids are a delight to watch onscreen.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Its A.R. Rahman, what could have gone wrong with the score, nothing at all! His music syncs in perfectly with the scenes, the most amazing score happens while a chase sequence with table and sitar that gives a great pump to the scene.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

The process to being a better human being! Is there one? is there none? We experienced all this and deeper thoughts while and after the film. So, you know the kind of movie you are getting into.

Not recommended for typical Bollywood fans.

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