The friendship - brotherhood combo between Salman Khan and Sunil Grover is the film's highpoint

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After entertaining us with Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai, Salman Khan and director Ali Abbas Zafar have teamed up for the third time for Bharat. The movie also stars Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover. Salman’s last outing on the big screen was Race 3 which gave us a headache. Bharat isn’t Sultan or TZH, but thankfully it is not as bad as Race 3 or Tubelight.

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Salman Khan fans are in for a treat and Sunil Grover is a surprise here…

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The movie is stretched and it could have been trimmed. BTW Katrina Kaif fans don’t expect a National Award winning performance from her.

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Nirmata (Makers)   When we heard that Salman Khan will be teaming up with Ali Abbas Zafar for the third time, we were quite happy. No, not because of Salman, but because Ali is a director who very well knows to make a content-driven entertaining film. The trailer of Bharat promised both, good content and entertainment. Ali Abbas Zafar has come up with a decent film here, but this is not his best work. Sultan and TZH were simply outstanding and in front of them, Bharat looks a bit weak.


Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)   The movie is inspired by Korean film An Ode To My Father, but Ali has very well Indianised it. The movie tells the story of Bharat (Salman Khan), who during partition gets separated from his father (Jackie Shroff) and his sister. During the separation, his father tells him to take care of his family and Bharat does that his whole life. He keeps on waiting that one day his father and his sister will come back.   The movie tried to tell the journey of a person and a country, but after a point, it is only about the person Bharat and the county takes a backseat. The has movements that will make you laugh and will make your eyes moist. But it fails to keep us hooked throughout. There are scenes that were not required and could have easily been chopped off. Even the patriotism at a certain point looks very forced.


Abhineta (Actors)   Salman Khan has given a fantastic performance. His fans are in for a treat. We can call Bharat one of his best works in recent times. After Salman, it is Sunil Grover that impresses us a lot. He shines throughout the film and stands shoulder to shoulder with Salman. Katrina Kaif is good in her part, but the problem here is that she doesn’t have a strong role. Disha Patani’s thumkas in Slow Motion are excellent, but she has nothing to do when it comes to acting. Tabu in a small role does wonders. Sonali Kulkarni and Jackie Shroff are good in their parts.


Geet Sangeet (Music)   Songs are always the highlight of Ali Abbas Zafar’s films. Bharat too has some decent songs, but none of them leaves a mark.


Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)   Bharat is not Ali Abbas Zafar’s best work, but it is not even bad. It’s a one-time watch entertaining film.          

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