Loss of a legendary actress a loving mother and wife, as each day passes, the feeling might sink in but unbelievability and grief will remain.

But now, Boney Kapoor has finally begun to communicate with friends again, and it is learnt that he intends to make a comprehensive documentary on Sridevi.

“A kind of one-stop visual legacy on her life and cinema with the rarest of rare footage and voices of everyone who matters in her life,” says the source.

“Boney is very disturbed by what he considers the untruths that are being spread about his wife’s death. As far as he’s concerned they had a perfect marriage. He spends a lot of time now re-living their golden moments together”.

Coming back to the documentary, it is too early for any details but Boney Kapoor is thinking of getting his old friend Shekhar Kapoor to direct it.



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