With each day, as we take a step ahead in our fight against terrorism, let’s go back in time to the 1971 War when India weakened and defeated Pakistan.

When Pakistan surrendered and over 93,000 troops surrendered to the Indian Army!


On December 16th, 1971, Lieutenant-General A. A. K. Niazi signed the Instrument of Surrender, which lead to the birth of Bangladesh.

Indian Air Force bombed the Pakistani Air Force airfield


It was the IAF’s grit and determination that lead to the Pakistan Air Force being unable to attack through the airfield. Through this bombing, India sent out a strong message to Pakistan.

When Pakistan’s pre-emptive strikes couldn’t slow India down


Pakistan wanted to startle India with its pre-emptive strikes, but India was alert! India took advantage of the Pakistani pilots’ complacency and put Pakistan on the back foot.

When a Pakistani Major General himself admitted that his country was responsible for the division:




In the book ‘The 1971 Indo-Pak War: A Soldier’s Narrative’, Pakistani Major General Hakeem Arshad Qureshi wrote:


“We must accept the fact that, as a people, we had also contributed to the bifurcation of our own country.”


When Pakistan didn’t get support from China, U.S.A and the UN



On November 26, 1971, the Indian Army made its way to the East Pakistani territory. Pakistan retaliated on December 3, 1971, hoping that China and American will back it and a UN intervention will be on the cards. But Indian Air Force overwhelmed Pakistan.


The 1971 War saw many instances when India beat Pakistan at its own game, but the popular culture has hardly given us a chance to know our glorious history!  However, there is a ray of hope for the future of our glorious past as films like RAW, whose teaser released on the Republic Day this year, promise to highlight and celebrate our history.



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