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If cricket is the religion in India, Hockey is the passion.

And when it comes to films, Hockey is entertainment too. And that’s the very reason that even after so many years of Chak De!, hockey based movies still excite us.

So, a sports film, that too on hockey, and on one of our country’s most significant win, the patriotic side of the viewer is locked in.

What was left was a team, a cast that could instill passion in the viewers and the movie achieves that too.

Watch it If you like -

Great casting and performances, Some nicely shot hockey scenes, Patriotic and passionate aspect of the film.

But Beware of -

A bit lengthy, Slow paced in parts, A factor that would have made this film inspiring was missing

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Nirmata (Makers)

Director Reema Kagti’s third film continues her association with Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Excel Entertainment.

The makers made sure to use the perks of a sports film, enthusiasm and emotion. But they missed a few things too.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Passion filled patriotism and patriotism filled passion are the driving force of the film.

Based on India’s historic Hockey win at Olympics post our Independence in 1948, the film has its concept clear, the climax will have a match. And it certainly has a great climax, very electrifying.

The rest of the film is the journey of a hockey manager who dreams to win a gold medal at the Olympics as a free country. And this is how his journey is.

It’s a lot of things, its emotional, its engaging. It’s also uninteresting and repetitive in parts. But its never uneventful, something or other is happening and everything in the film revolves around a 200-year-old revenge almost every other soul wanted. This kind of ignites patriotism too but it feels unvaried too.

The journey of Tapan Das is in sequence, from being a coach to the British Indian Hockey team to a manager of the free India Hockey team. The journey of the game is equally exciting, from an interesting match between British India and Germany, to an exciting one between Britain and free India. The emotional journey of listening to the British National Anthem to standing up for our own National anthem. Everything is nicely done but a hook was missing. A hook and a feeling that would galvanize us during this journey was missing.

The first half is the build-up, the second half is the real deal. Editing was good, the whole vintage setting was good, the hockey scenes are well shot and are energy-filled, even the actors were so convincing, but the film could only engage us partially. Maybe we are kind of over expecting, and the film was close to perfect but still we feel a missing element (may be more) and we can’t figure out what.

Abhineta (Actors)

The ensemble cast of the film has been really thought upon and of all the team, two actors struck gold for us, Amit Sadh and Sunny Kaushal. Their roles are nicely written, and both the actors have done a fantastic job in making their character feel real. Without these two actors, the film would surely have been quite dull.

Akshay Kumar is well into the Bengali accent and peculiarities, acts with all his energy and enthusiasm, and keeps the passion alive in the film. The Khiladi of Bollywood lives up to all the different shades of his character, emotional to comic to romantic. Mouni Roy looks good and convincing as the Bengali wife. Her chemistry with Akshay is very natural and smooth.

Vineet Kumar Singh as Imtiaz, what screen presence the actor has, and what a fine performance. Kunal Kapoor as Samrat is befitting in his role. Nikita Dutta makes her charming presence felt in her short role.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Music is average, and the songs snatched away the film’s zone. Just one song to show the madness of Akshay’s character was enough. Background score was good but lacked goosebumps feeling.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

India won Gold. The film wins Gold too but could have been more golden, more exciting and more unique.

Gold is Gold because of its performances, but we genuinely expected a goosebumps journey.

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