You are in for a “Happy Time” with Fun-filled performances and Laughter-filled dialogues

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Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, Audience Phirr Dekhegi Aur Phirr Hasegi.

Because Mudassar Aziz has sworn to make us laugh with the smallest of details and simplest of situations.

This comedy-of-errors film is what we call unadulterated entertainment and is what we all long for.

But please note, watch the first part, to fully enjoy this one.

Watch it If you like -

Rib-tickling dialogues, Combo of Jimmy Sheirgill and Piyush Mishra is fabulous

But Beware of -

Little bit dragged and lengthy, mainly because of songs

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Nirmata (Makers)

Helmer of the prequel, Mudassar Aziz, brings back Happy franchise with the curious-confusing case of two Happys.

Continuing the previous story, the film incorporates more chaotic fun and we couldn’t have asked for a better sequel.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Films like these are quite predictable so telling what’s the film is about is only going to hamper your experience, just know that where there is Happy, chaos follows and when there are 2 Happys, all hell breaks loose.

The backbone of comedy-of-errors lies in finding humor in the simplest and obvious and relatable conversations. Humor must be attached to the villains too, without making them look like clowns. Humor must be unforced too. And this film has done that AGAIN!

Complementing the humor-set up are the dialogues by Mudassar Aziz. The lively one-liners fill in the minor, ignorable flaws the movie had. With light-hearted films, everything is easily achieved, some scenes felt like shot in India but were shown as China, so things become unconvincing. But, be it as viewers or reviewers, we never wanted to pay attention to logic, we wanted enjoyment and we got oodles of it.

Yes, we agree that this film, unlike its prequel depended more on the characters than its situations to be hilarious. But the fun dose never left its strength, its compensated that by choosing the backdrop of Chinese language and beats throughout the film.

The first film relied more on situations, but the sequel is more about characters. There is enjoyment even in the ethnocentric Indo-Pak and Indo-China jokes that involve sarcasm. The same can be apparently risky, but they are written and placed with good spirits.

The length could have been trimmed a bit, but nothing stops you from wishing for a third part too.

Abhineta (Actors)

Each role and actor were just apt. But thanks to the two actors, who made this ride so amusing, Jimmy Sheirgill and Piyush Mishra are the reason you shouldn’t miss this film.

Actor Jimmy Sheirgill, who returns as Daman Singh Baaga, and Piyush Mishra as Usman Afridi, these two gems will make you laugh with their expressive wacky faces. Jimmy’s swag is unmatachbel and Piyush Mishra is a barrel of laughs. Their chemistry in the film is the next reason you would watch the film for.

Short screen space for previous Happy and her Guddu, Diana Penty and Ali Faizal, but they were good in their roles. The Happy and Guddu of this film were Sonakshi Sinha and Jassie Gill. Sonakshi had to make us not miss the old Happy and she did that wonderfully. Jassie Gill, looks handsome in his Bollywood debut and acted very confidently.

Denzil Smith as a sophisticated businessman, wellsuited to the role. Jason Tham who played Chang was too cool.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The title track is the best song, it also makes for a lively background score. Swag Saha Nahi Jaye and Chin Chin Chu are catchy too if you listen them repeatedly.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

Sparkling performances and joyful dialogues make sure that you walk out with a big smile.

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