Amidst the lockdown we are getting to see some really good short films. After Season Greetings, Zee5 has released one more short film titled Hum Purane Hoke Bhi Naye.


The short film stars Randeep Jha and Rajshree Deshpande. It tells the story of a middle-aged couple who have come to restaurant to celebrate their anniversary after three days of rhe actual date. How they spend the evening forms the rest of the story.


It’s a sweet-lovable short film about how a couple who are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary. It has some sweet moments between the couple and many married couples would relate to it.


Randeep Jha, who was seen with Radhika Apte in Lust Stories, is very good. He impresses us a lot. Rajshree Deshpande is a talented actress and she has carried the role wonderfully.


It’s a 9 mins short film, so watch it and enjoy it.


Check out the trailer here…


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