What is the first that comes to your mind if you think of living in Mumbai, ‘the ghar (house)’.

A broker, a couple (about to live-in together), a flat, a society, this is something all the baharwaalas (outsiders) who have been welcomed by both arms of Mumbai city, can connect to.

And if you are single, your biggest hurdles while house hunting wouldn’t be space or money, it would be finding a house.

So that’s how this short film starts, an instant connection you feel, and you know it’s going to be something different. While you’ll be watching, you’ll also be concurrently thinking how this is connected to Mother’s Day. Well, that you must watch and find out, all we can tell you is, this short film also tries to deliver one short message, this loving day is not all about being senti, have some fun too (wink).

Because a mother’s love can’t be appreciated in a day, forget the puff around this day, have some fun today and love your mother for the next 364 days to follow. And there couldn’t have been a better short film to say that.

Written and directed by Navjot Gulati, Jai Mata Di features Shiv Pandit, Manu Rishi and real life mother-daughter Supriya Pilgaokar and Shriya Pilgaokar come together onscreen for the first time.

The cast is great and it’s so much fun watching them play their parts perfectly – kya baat hai, kya sanskaar hain!



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