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After Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall are coming together on the big screen in Jai Mummy Di. The trailer of the film promised a laugh riot and well it offers what it promised. But it has a few flaws.

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Good concept, nice performances and a good music.

But Beware of -

Sunny Singh is one of the weakest elements in the film.

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Nirmata (Makers)


After directing a couple of short films, Navjot Gulati makes his Bollywood directorial debut with Jai Mummy Di. The best part about the film is that it doesn’t look like a regional movie and has a perfect Bollywood feel to it. Gulati has made a good film and makes a decent directorial debut. It’s not a wow watch, but it doesn’t even disappoint.


Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)


Jai Mummy Di is about Punit (Sunny) and Saanjh (Sonnalli). They both love each other, but their mothers are are each other’s enemy. How will Punit and Saanjh get married? How will they convince their respective mothers? Watch the film to know that…


Navjot Gulati has also written the film and the screenplay is quite good. It has some funny moments that will make you laugh out loud and even if you are not laughing, then you will at least have a smile on your face. The runtime of the film is 105 minutes, so movie is short, crisp and enjoyable.


Abhineta (Actors)


The movie stars Sunny Singh as the male lead and he is strictly average in the film. He is one of the weakest elements in the film. If his performance would have been better than this film would have also been much better. Sonnalli Seygall has grown as a performer and she is good in her role. Suprita Pathak and Poonam Dhillon leave a mark with their performance.


Geet Sangeet (Music)


The music is one of the best elements in the film. All the songs are damn good and even the background music impresses.


Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)


Jai Mummy Di is a nice, enjoyable comedy film.






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