Sony Liv is surely trying to offer some really good content. After web series like Undekhi, now they have released a new web series titled JL 50. Starring Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Rajesh Sharma, and Piyush Mishra.


So, a plane is crashed in West Bengal and it turns out to be a plane that had gone missing 35 years ago. Shantanu (Abhay Deol), a CBI officer, gets the case to investigate about it. In the plane crash, there are only two people who have survived, a pilot and a messenger. The pilot Bihu Ghosh claims that she had flown the plane in 1984 and she can’t believe that it is 2019. Well, can this be possible that a plane that had gone missing 35 years ago can come back or there’s some conspiracy behind it? Watch the series to know that…


The story of the series is quite interesting, but what goes wrong here is the screenplay. The screenplay fails to keep us engage throughout. There are only four episodes but still, it looks a bit stretched. Director Shailender Vyas tries his best to narrate this dull screenplay well and comes with a decent web series. We aren’t saying that JL 50 is a bad series, it’s good in bits and parts, but it could have been much better. A special mention to Bradley Stuckel. His camera has wonderfully captured Kolkata.


Performance-wise, Piyush Mishra steals the show and has given a mind-blowing performance. Abhay Deol is good in his role and Rajesh Sharma also leaves a mark. Pankaj Kapur is impressive and we have to say that Mishra and Kapur are the two pillars of the series.


Well, in such series background score play a very important part, but here even that’s missing. A good background score could have done wonders for the movie.


On the whole, JL 50 could have been a better series, but it’s a not bad one. You can surely watch it once.


Ratings: 3/5


Check out the trailer here…



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