Vivek Oberoi posted a meme featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. For that, he has faced a lot of backlashes and National Commission for Women has sent him a notice for the same. Now Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli has slammed NCW for sending the notice to Vivek, calling his tweet a ‘childish joke’. Rangoli is angry as maybe NCW didn’t file the actress’ complaint against Hrithik Roshan.


Rangoli tweeted, “I will never forget how they refused to take Kangana’s complaint against a big star, but come to fight for these childish jokes when so many rape and harassment cases are lying unaddressed #Shame. Much more scary and damaging than feudal and chauvinist men are these women hater women…bhed ki khaal mein bhediye…jealous and bitchy women who have problem with other woman, simply cause they also happen to be a woman, time to be very careful spot such insects & expose them.”



While most of the Bollywood celebs have slammed Vivek, it is only Rangoli who has supported him and this surely comes as a surprise.

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