A gladsome, chucklesome and true-to-life drive-cum-story that you’d wish never ends

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Road trips in a movie are like double the entertainment, you are watching a film and you are on a long drive too.

In this film, it became triple because this isn’t the regular road trip you are thinking. This trip is story which is fun and is also heart-warming and insightful and you’d wish it to be never-ending.

And the drive makes sure that you enjoy every bit of it as a passenger.

Watch it If you like -

Everything is comforting in the film, from music to act to backdrop to story. Dialogues are ultimate.

But Beware of -

Slow, stretched and unconvincing in parts

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Nirmata (Makers)

Director Akarsh Khurana, writer of Kites and Krishh 3 , gives a film you’d be thinking more after you have watched it. All because of the emotion the film contains, the emotion that describes that escape and freedom are two different things, and the latter is so much more satisfying.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Complementing this vibe is the cinematography and sound track, making everything look and sound beautiful and soothing.

And to this surroundings and vibe, add a meaningful story and effective performances.

The meaning in the story lies deep, the face is all light-hearted and nomadic, but the soul has so much more. And that’s how the film finds humor in the most sensitive of scenes and portrays even the intense of emotions with ease. Dealing with loss is the movie’s deep-rooted gist and is shown cleverly and beautifully through many layers of emotions and humor. Each character has a different style of dealing with demise and it just feels so relatable.

Yes, it had its share of flaws too. Some forced humor forced scenes, some insensitiveness towards human loss where it tried to create a Shoojit Sircar high-spirited moment but couldn’t. But all in all, the movie bowled us over.

Also, a bit unconvincing in many portions, but just like any journey has obstacles, consider these as the same. Its easy going, its cool and the dialogues are just ultimate crazy.

For us, there is no first half second half in the film. It was a drive we loved, we even got bored of in parts, we questioned and criticized in parts, where we were left amazed with its tranquility and then we couldn’t stop thinking of after it ended.

Abhineta (Actors)

If you take one actor out of this film, the film will fall dull. If you take out Irrfan Khan, sadly there is no film.

Irrfan Khan, one actor who doesn’t need dialogues to make us laugh, he can do so even if he is far away in the scene. He is fun in the most intense scenes and emotional in the funniest scenes and when an actor portrays these things effortlessly, that actor is a true gem for us.

Dulquer Salmaan, the dude of Malayalam films, marks his Bollywood debut in the most ordinary role and with an extraordinary act. His boy next door look is an instant connect and his natural act will leave you impressed. Mithila Palkar, the bundle of cuteness is impressive and convincing.

The trio portrayed amazing chemistry and we kind of noticed that there could have been more scenes of them together showcasing more equation.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Music of the film is simply soothing, especailly ‘Chota Sa Fasana’ is so fascinatingly dreamy and out of this world.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

A film you may want to watch twice because of so many layers and undertones the film has. Such a cool film!

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