Sonakshi Sinha is surely one of the most gorgeous actresses of Bollywood. Her smile can make any guy go weak in his knees. Recently, the actress opened up about her relationship and revealed that she has dated a celebrity and no one knows about it.


When she was asked about dating someone from Bollywood, the actress said, “My parents want me to date a ‘susheel ladka’ and no one from the Bollywood film industry is like that.”


However, she added, “I have dated a celebrity and the world doesn’t know. If my boyfriend cheats on me, he won’t live to see the next day.” Well, now that is something really interesting.


Sonakshi was reportedly in a relationship with Bunty Sachdeva who is a celebrity manager. A couple of months ago, there were also reports that the actress is in a relationship with Notebook actor Zaheer Iqbal. When she was asked about it, she said, “When it is not? There’s nothing to deal with because honestly, I think if there was something in that matter to talk about, I will be the first person to come and talk about. I’m toh waiting (Laughs). I’m waiting for love, some prince charming would come, I’m waiting. Nobody is there right now. So when it happens, I feel that I will be very happy about it.”

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