Biopic flood continues. May be somehow, films based on real-life characters strike more chord with the audiences. Especially when these films are about female characters, like Neerja.

Now, Karan Johar is all set to produce a bio-pic on the Indian Air force’s female pilot Gunjan Saxena who was enormously active during the Indian army’s presence at the Kargil war.

And his unusual choice of actor for the role is both surprising and interesting. Janhvi Kapoor will be playing the part and we made the first statement because Janhvi is like cotton soft actress for us, and to see her in a tough role would be interesting.

Says a source close to the development, “Karan Johar thinks Janhvi has the right posture and attitude to play Gunjan Saxena. No, Janhvi won’t fly a helicopter in the film. But she is going to learn how the helicopter works so she looks comfortable inside a helicopter.”


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