We wish Loveyatri was just a music album and not a film

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Some good songs, the fresh pair looked cute together, the set up was colorful, it was a complete music album package.

There was no need to turn it into a film with a help of a run-off-the-mill romance and a childish script.

Films like Loveytari even spoil the innocence and magic of love-at-first-sight.

Yatrigan, please don’t board this love train.

Watch it If you like -

All songs are nice, and we got to watch them on the big screen. Fresh pairing that looked cute together

But Beware of -

The story is so purposeless, perhaps children comics have better stories

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Nirmata (Makers)

Produced by Salman Khan under Salman Khan Films and directed by debutante Abhiraj Minawala, it’s good to launch new talent but not at the cost of someone else’s precious time.

Apart from better editing and less cliched dialogues, the film first needed at least a cute, if not uncommon love story.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Let’s talk about what’s good in the script, because the list is short.

Fresh and cute pairing. Honestly, we didn’t expect anything huge from the actors, but they turned out to be better deserving than this script by Niren Bhatt.

Our question is who chose this script? Salman Khan? Uh-Oh!

Anyway, the music and the colorful backdrop aided by good cinematography gave us something positive in the film. Having said that, all that color also seemed forced upon in some scenes just to give a festive vibe.

Coming to what’s wrong, the list is long but let’s just tell you that in a line. Right from editing to dialogues to plot to script, blunder.

And the actors are as if just free all the time for a garba performance. It’s a request to future films, please don’t misrepresent cultures this way.

Abhineta (Actors)

If bhai wanted to launch Aayush Sharma, then he should have given more weightage to the script and not promotions. Aayush isn’t a natural actor but has good screen presence, he will have to work hard to prove himself. Warina Hussain looks beautiful and acted decently. Both the leads looked cute together and that was some relief in the movie.

Ram Kapoor, an impressive actor otherwise has the most annoying role and acted likewise, his dialogues are super typical. Pratik Gandhi and Sajeel Parekh are more accessories than friends, they had potential to do better but the script doesn’t give them that chance. Ronit Roy, again a great actor but misfit for the role and hence performed averagely.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

Tanishk Bagchi’s songs are the only attraction in the movie. Then Lijo George and DN Chetas’ ‘Chogada’ in the end made sure we left the theatres in good spirits, if not dead with all that annoy in the script.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

The problem is not cliched love stories, which don’t work these days. Cliched stories are cute too. The problem is love stories without story which never did work, be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.

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