9 reasons why you should watch Netflix’s Lust Stories…

At times, we come across stories that are not only realistic, but are also satisfying to watch. Lust Stories is a collection of four such stories. These four short film treat the word ‘lust’ with respect which otherwise is always looked down up. These four short film tell you that having a strong sexual desire aka lust isn’t some crime or wrongdoing. Most importantly, Lust Stories simply states that needs of a man is equal to needs of a woman.

The film understood and makes us understand that the road of need-to-be-equal isn’t an issue, the issue is road of equal-needs.

Not all revolutions have to be rebellious; They can be entertaining too!

  1. The difficulty to talk about sex, its changing every day, getting easier we may say. But it’s more than that, sex isn’t limited to just talking about it, there is agreement and mutual pleasure as well. We may talk about sex, but we will still shy talking about orgasms and pleasures. These short films explore that and says out loud that pleasures aren’t limited for men.

And when we say loud, we don’t mean the film is some way of promoting the much-hyped-word equality, we mean the message is clearly and beautifully stated.

  1. It tells you that sex and talking about it isn’t something that has come up suddenly, it was always there, it isn’t some modern rule or a scale to judge modernity. Remember all those Bollywood songs with metaphors and double meaning. So, the focus of the film isn’t to be in vogue, the cynosure is reality and telling that to the audiences.

So, it is not gender or age or century related, someone wants to talk about sex, they will, it just an individual approach.

  1. World of women shown in the film seems so relatable, nothing has been exaggerated to give it a cooler look.
  2. In fact, all the four stories seem so real, natural and fresh. When you hear and see a mother say, ‘hum bhi whatsapp pe hain’, you realize how every detail has been paid attention to.
  3. All the stories have female protagonists, and it isn’t something the film boasts about like our mainstream Bollywood film ‘Veere Di Wedding’. Where we liked that film quite a lot, we never could understand their promotion strategy that kept shouting ‘all-girls-film’.
  4. There is nothing right or wrong, it isn’t preachy, it just presents various views.
  5. Not all four stories by Stories by Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee & Karan Johar will be found interesting, but there is something wonderful to extract from each one of them. Our favorite was Karan Johar’s, not because it was a little commercial thanks to the filmy dose added, but also because it could get the message clearly stated with a touch of humor.
  6. We loved how each character, no matter what their screen time is, is nicely established. You’ll find this in Zoya Akhtar’s story where the maid’s friend meets her and leaves us with an impact.
  7. Performances are fab. Our favorites are Radhika Apte, Manisha Koirala and Kiara Advani. And when we say favorites, we mean they made the 2 hour a treat for us. But wait, Kiara Advani just nailed it better than all the actors in all the four stories, she was undoubtedly the shining star of this anthology film.




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