Redefines action-comedies, Rejoices the movie-making and movie-watching process

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Nothing is perfect. And that’s where the pleasure lies.

And when nothing is perfect, Bollywood is another boat that sails in this imperfect sea.  We have beautifully blemished films that take cinematic liberties and we have beautifully critical brains and sentimental blood vessels with which we relish them.

So, here’s a film that toasts everything imperfect and that reminds you to enjoy every weird moment of the reel life and of the real film called life.

Watch it If you like -

An updated and best version of action-comedies, Refreshing casting, Mahesh Manjrekar and Gulshan Devaiah’s acts are fabulous

But Beware of -

A little too much time taken to establish characters and scenes

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Nirmata (Makers)

When you hear, feel and watch old gold Bollywood magic in films, one knows they are watching a film by someone who is full of masala from movies. Vasan Bala’s directorial debut is just like that; hearing the line ‘paap ko jala kar rakh kar dunga’ which is actually a 1988 Dharmendra-Govinda movie, as the basic theme, when knows this is going to be a film they have never seen before.

Again, the direction has its flaws and that’s where the beauty begins, it was supposed to be flawed to be striking. At least, this is what we extracted from this unusually distinct film.

Alekh (Story) – Patkatha (Screenplay)

Simple yet extraordinary. That’s how the story, the concept, the treatment and the flow of the movie is.

This a film which makes you mince your own words: from ‘what weird stuff am I watching’ to ‘what a beauty that was’, because you don’t realize the pleasure the movie is imparting while in the process. Only when it ends, you realize what was keeping you hooked.

For a 90’s kid, this film a treat. For the younger generation, this film is a chance to see 90’s in a modern context and realize what much simple and more fun stuff they missed.

Of course, the movie has its shortcomings, but we won’t complain when we had a great time relishing the small super fun moments and ingenious dialogues, simple but spread out at just perfect spots and delivered amazingly well too.

Abhineta (Actors)

Abhimanyu Dassani’s debut will be remembered, of course for his role and performance, but majorly for the rare film he got to act in. Open your doors next to door guy who is not a Bollywood hero thankfully, neither did he act like one, but is a superhero for us now because of his easiness (and of course powers).

Mahesh Manjrekar and Gulshan Devaiah are a delight. They both become the best for us in different scenes, how do we pick? Ah we will give it to Gulshan, one actor who isn’t utilized to his potential, but not this time. Talented actors like him make the audience fall in love with the bad guys on screen! The way he delivers and hits the perfect laughter spot with the simple dialogues is so impressive. Also, whoever gave Mahesh Manjrekar a change of look has an eye for detail and we loved it.

Radhika Madan, what a face, innocent and wicked, a deadly combo. The same goes for her acting, its candid and wild. She gave us every reason to keep staring in all her scenes.

Geet Sangeet (Music)

The music is a surprise. The background score couldn’t have been more appropriate. Good to listen and goes well with the films, the songs will receive their worth once you watch the film. and on top of that, to hear S.P. Balasubrahmanyam’s voice in the track was such a sensation.

Nirnay (FilmyCurry Verdict)

We have been watching all the wrong action-comedies.

Here’s a cocktail of 90’s masala mixed right, non-filmy dialogues, the filmy punches, modern avatar and simplicity.

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