In wake of #MeToo movement, as Aamir Khan has stepped away from Gulshan Kumar biopic. Aamir was all set to co-produce the biopic titled ‘Mogul’, with T-series.

But due to molestation accusations against director Subhash Kapoor, Aamir decided to walk away from the film.

Now the news is, following Aamir Khan’s exit, Subhash Kapoor has been dropped from the film.

Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao issued a joint statement on Wednesday night announcing that they will be ‘stepping away’ from a film because of sexual misconduct allegations against a team member. Now they never mentioned anything in the statement, but producer Bhushan Kumar told Indian Express that Subhash Kapoor – who is believed to be the person Aamir and Kiran meant in their statement – will no longer direct the film, clearing the fact that Aamir was indeed talking about the same.

“It is our foremost duty to make our industry safe for everyone, make an industry that creates environment of equality and a better place to work. With the on-going proceedings against the director that have been brought to our notice, everyone at T-Series has decided to not work with the director,” Bhushan Kumar told Indian Express.

Asked if this meant that Aamir Khan would get back on board again after Subhash Kapoor’s exit, Mr Kumar told the Indian Express, “That I can’t comment now as you can understand from his tweet he has nothing against us but director.”

In their statement, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao say their production house has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and they believe that the #MeToo movement is a chance for the film industry to clean house.

For the uninitiated, Subhash Kapoor is accused of molesting actor Geetika Tyagi in 2014 and the matter is in court.

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