Abundantia Entertainment Presents Mitron

Director: Nitin Kakkar

Jackky Bhagnani, Kritika Kamra, Pratik Gandhi, Neeraj Sood and Shivam Parekh

Mitron Teaser will make you eager for its trailer!

It’s said first impression is the last impression and so the makers of this rom com followed the rule and made sure we are hooked right from the start.

The teaser shows a father eager to get his son married and are making a matrimonial video.

We know how matrimonial advertisement in newspapers are, weird, demanding and hence funny. But this matrimonial ad will leave you in splits, it is weirder and funnier and not at all demanding. Jackky Bhagnani’s puzzled face, the dialogues and expressions make it so much more entertaining.

Mitron, Nitin Kakkar’s next directorial after the critically acclaimed ‘Filmistan’, is slated to release on September 14th, 2018. Mitron is produced by Abundantia Entertainment.



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