Manto, though the film might now have performed at the box office because it wasn’t for the masses obviously, but the film and Nawazuddin’s act as Saddat Hassan Manto was class.

Both Nawaz’s acting and career are going superb, take his performance as the gangster Ganesh Gaitonde in Netflix’s web series Sacred Games for example. The series has earned him new heights of popularity, and hence per reports, Nawaz has hiked his fee considerably for the second season of Sacred Games.

Says a source close to the development, “Sacred Games is Nawaz’s most successful work to date. When the producers wanted to do a second season, Nawaz made it very clear that he deserved a lot more, almost the double of what he got for Season 1. His co-star Saif, however, gets the same amount that he got for Season 1.”

When Nawaz was asked to comment on the same, he said, “The big producers are paying me what I ask for. And I ask for what I deserve. When I do a Sacred Games, I am empowered to do a Manto for free.”



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