Reports did rounds in the first week of January that Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone will celebrate the actress’s birthday in Sri Lanka where Ranveer will propose marriage to our beloved Piku.

As soon as the news broke out DeepVeer fans started celebrating. But now they will be morose as DeepVeer were spotted at the Mumbai airport returning from their two-week long vacation in Maldives and not Sri Lanka. Moreover, Deepika who wore a soft pink jumpsuit and denim jacket surely had an empty ring finger.

Well, engaged or not, their love is eternal as Ranveer kept a protective hand on Deepika’s back to protect her from the mob gathered at the airport. This sweet gesture along with her relaxing vacation with Ranveer prompted a sweet smile on Deepika’s face. They spent their days in Maldives basking in the sun at a private resort.

(Written by: Kirti B. – I drown in books and swim with a pen)

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