Last year after he came to know that director Subhash Kapoor has been accused of sexual misconduct, Aamir Khan had opted out of Mogul. However, the actor is back in the project. He will be producing and starring in the film which is a biopic on Gulshan Kumar.


The actor told Hindustan Times, “If you remember, last year in October, I had tweeted that I won’t be a part of the film. But now, I have decided that I’ll be a part of it. So, I’m back on it now.”


However, he further stated that he fully supports #MeToo movement. He said, “I fully support the MeToo movement. And I urge women who have complaints to formally lodge them with their ICC (Internal Complaints Committee), which every organisation must mandatorily have. Every accusation of sexual misconduct must be investigated thoroughly and rigorously by the concerned ICC, and strict action should be taken against people found guilty. Just to clarify, the case of Mr Kapoor was not a case of workplace misconduct, hence could not be investigated by an ICC.”


Earlier, Aamir was just going to produce the biopic and not act in it. He wanted Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan or Kapil Sharma to play the lead role. Aamir said, “Once I came on as producer, I said let’s discuss casting. I felt that I’d like to offer the film to Akshay Kumar. I was aware that things hadn’t worked out earlier between Bhushan and Akshay, but I still wanted to offer the film to him. So, I met Akshay and offered him the film. He did reconsider the offer, but things did not work out. Then I offered the film to Varun Dhawan, but he was busy with too many films. The other person I was very keen to cast was Kapil Sharma. I felt he’d pull off the character very well. But that didn’t work out either.”


Aamir’s decision has received a mixed response as some are not happy with him collaborating with Subhash Kapoor, some are happy that he is once again a part of the film.

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