After the successful season one, Zee5 has now released the season two of the web series REJCTX. Titled REJECTX 2, the series takes forward the story of seven friends Aarav, Kiara, Maddy, Parnomitra, Misha, Sehmat, and Harry.


Officer Rene (Esha Gupta) enters the lives of these friends as Anushka (Kubbra Sait from the first season has been murdered). But while she is investigating this case, these friends land up trouble as someone called X starts blackmailing them. How they tackle the whole situation forms the rest of the story…


Well, the story of REJCTX 2 is damn good. It is something interesting and could have been a perfect whodunnit if the writer a bit concentrated on the screenplay. We are not saying that the screenplay is bad, but just to stretch and make it an eight episodes series, there are a lot of unnecessary things put in it.


Goldie Behl narration is strictly okay. He could have directed the series in a more crisp and sharp manner. While the series picks up in the last three episodes, the first five episodes look stretched, so you need to have patience. Also, there’s a lot of back and forth happening in the series, so you have to put a lot of concentration in understanding it.


This series could have been much better if there was another actress playing the role of Officer Rene. Esha Gupta fails to impress and she is one of the weakest elements of the series. Other actors like Sumeet Vyas, Masi Wali, Anisha Victor, Ayush Khurana, Ridhi Khakar, Pooja Shetty, Saadhika Syal, Prabhneet Singh, and Tanvi Shinde impress us. Especially Masi Wali, he is damn good.


The series ends with a hint of season three so let’s see what will they offer us next.


Overall, REJECTX 2 has some really good twists and turns and it’s interesting, but you need to have the patience to watch it.


Ratings: 3/5


Check out the trailer here…


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