Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya is reportedly dating a Bollywood actress. The couple, however, don’t intend to make their relationship public anytime soon.

The actress we are talking about is Esha Gupta.

The love life of cricketer Hardik Pandya has been an area of interest and has been in the news for quite some time now. Earlier rumors suggested the cricketer to be dating actress Elli Avram.

Per sources, “Elli wanted a commitment, while Hardik was looking for something casual. This led to a lot of arguments between them and they called it quits.”

Now, during this time, the cricketer grew closer to actress Esha Gupta. Per sources again, “They met at a party and hit it off immediately. The duo started chatting up, exchanged numbers and before we knew, they were an item.”

The source further added, “Right now, both are hush-hush about their budding romance. They want to see how things turn out. They make their lunch and dinner plans secretively and want to avoid the public glare. Currently, they are in the phase where they are getting to know each other.”

We have seen a lot of cricketer-actor jodis and we guess as an audience and media too, it’s just so amazing to see two different worlds together. What do you say?



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