We have been watching many biopics on the big screen for the past few years. Every year at least 2 to 3 biopics are released. Some impress us and some fail to leave a mark. But Saina Nehwal’s biopic Saina is a film that would make you applaud the makers as well as the badminton player who has made India proud.


Saina is about Saina Nehwal who since childhood dreams to play badminton, and since childhood has been winning medals and trophies. The movie showcases her journey, her victories, her failures, and how she once again makes a comeback. Saina is a perfect biopic and has every element in it that makes it an entertaining watch.  There are a few scenes in the second half that break the chain, but the film once again picks up amazing, and the climax is just mind-blowing.


Amole Gupte has written and directed the film, and he has clearly given his heart and soul to the movie. It is a perfect tribute to Saina Nehwal, and Gupte gets full marks for the casting.


Parineeti Chopra is excellent as Saina Nehwal. While watching the movie you all will realize that how she was being underutilized in her last few movies. Parineeti has undoubtedly given one of the best performances of her career. Meghna Malik is amazing in the film, Subhrajyoti Barat is wonderful, and Eshan Naqvi makes an impressive debut.


The music of the film is composed by Amaal Mallik and all the songs are damn good. Even the background is impressive.


On the whole, Saina is a perfect biopic that Saina Nehwal deserved. Above all Parineeti is back in full form.


Ratings: 4/5


Check out the trailer here…


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